Welcome to Steep Luv!

Steep Luv is a Wellness Tea Company, founded and managed by Ericka Duncan in Tamp, FL. Ericka created Steep Luv after a lifetime of bonding over tea and herbal recipes with her grandmother, the late, Ms.Jeannette Alexander.

At the age of 4, Ms. Alexander fostered and later adopted Ericka and her older sisters in an effort to give them a better life. She taught Ericka the value of health and preventative efforts by encouraging her to use herbal recipes and remedies in place of traditional western medicine.

Prevention over prescription was a common practice and driver of Ericka’s dedication to the health & wellness and public health industries today. 


Ericka Dunca and Jeannette Alexander

A message from Ericka Duncan, Founder and Creator......

The overall goal of Steep Luv is to promote healing from within, using natural resources as our source of fuel and empowerment to live healthier lives.

My fondest memory of my late grandmother was in 2007, she had just survived colon cancer and she was preparing for her next doctor visit. The doctor requested that she bring all of her medications on her visit, and my grandmother gathered a bag full of vitamins and herbs she had consumed regularly. The doctors was surprised by her great recovery and only compliant was that she was over consuming vitamin B. Growing up she never really let me take medicine if I didn't feel well and at that moment I understood why, healing from within can happen with the right combination of nutrients. 

My grandmother went on to live another 13 years post cancer, a very happy life and busy for an 81 year old. She taught me to listen to my body first and to take care of myself while i'm healthy so that I know how to care for myself if I became ill.

With Steep Luv, I honor Jeannette Alexander April 14, 1939 - May 10, 2020